Use Your Rewards Points

As you achieve different BIL-JAX REWARDS milestones, you'll be building up your BIL-JAX REWARDS points bank. Your BIL-JAX REWARDS points can be used as a form of Bil-Jax business "currency" redeemable at MY STORE, the Bil-Jax REWARDS on-line store.

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1. Buy Bil-Jax Merchandising, Marketing Tools and Brand Gear:

To kick off 2021, we'll be stocking our on-line store with Pro-Jax Units and Bil-Jax Brand Banners for use in your rental locations. We'll also be carrying several wearable items that you can co-brand with your logo and Bil-Jax. Check them out:

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2. Convert Your Points Into A Visa Gift Card:

You may choose to convert your points to Visa Gift Cards. Go to MY STORE and we'll automatically calculate and convert your points to dollars. We'll send you VISA Gift Cards in $25 increments to match your rewards point values. Convert your points to cash here:

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3. Apply Your Points for Freight:

Trade in your points for reduction or elimination of freight charges on a future delivery. Contact Bil-Jax Inside Sales and we'll help you apply your point balance to any freight charges on your next purchase. Some restrictions will apply.

Points For Freight

4. Other Bil-Jax Rewards Perks:

Eligibility for the following REWARDS perks will vary based on your Bil-Jax business volume. Some restrictions will apply. Click below and send your question to our Bil-Jax Inside Sales Representative. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Priority Shipping and Availability
  • Priority Placement on the Dealer Locator
  • Inventory Re-Balance of Packaged Product
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