How To Earn Points

BIL-JAX REWARDS points are earned when you achieve specific goals in up to seven core performance activity categories. The more activities you complete, the more perks and discounts you will receive. We are even throwing some bonus cash your way too! These activities will better equip you for new and continued revenue growth each year. Scroll through each of the sections below to see what you need to do.

See the Performance Matrix Snapshot

Points do not accumulate or roll over. They must be used by the end of the current calendar year.

Digital Rewards

Build Your Online Awareness

Increasing your social media activities and connections is smart business and simple to do. And in 2021, Bil-Jax will be investing much more in our own social media programs too. We'd love for you to tag along with us, so we all benefit!

There are 6 opportunities to earn points:

1: Make 10 Facebook Posts

We'd like to see at least ten, Bil-Jax related, image posts from all our Bil-Jax Rewards Partners this year.

First: Join Facebook!

As a first step, if you don't have a Facebook page, now is a great excuse to get on board with one of your simplest, and most effective social media marketing tools.

Second: Post @BilJax

Next, start making your posts using #biljax. Each time you use #biljax, we'll track your posts automatically. You’ll get points for every post you make! Your photos could include images of your Bil-Jax in-store merchandising, new Bil-Jax products you just added to your inventory, and perhaps best of all, images from your customers who rented Bil-Jax products from you to do their jobs and projects.


Bronze: 1,000 Points (100 ea.); Silver: 2,000 Points (200 ea.); Gold: 4,000 Points (400 ea.)


2, 3, 4, 5: Like Us on Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram and Twitter Pages

This one is really easy! Just follow us on our social media platforms. Click the links below and we'll take you to each one so you can Like and Follow Bil-Jax! Earn points for each platform you join!


Bronze: 400 Points (100 ea.); Silver: 600 Points (150 ea.); Gold: 1,200 Points (300 ea.)

6: Add Our Logo To Your Website

If you have a spot for Bil-Jax branding on your website, let your web visitors know you carry high quality, American-made Bil-Jax products! We'll reward you with extra points!


Bronze: 400 Points; Silver: 1,000 Points; Gold: 4,000 Points

Download Logo

Download one of the approved logos below to display on your website.

Upload a Screen Capture

Upload a screen capture of your website where the
Bil-Jax logo is displayed.
Learning Rewards

Build Your Bil-Jax Savvy

Scaffold training is especially important for your counter salespeople who are on your front-line answering customer questions, ensuring they understand the safety requirements of Bil-Jax products and improving your customers' experience when they visit your retail locations.

There are two opportunities to earn points:

1. View the Scaffold Training Video

Have at least three members of your team view the video and take the tests after each video. Each member of your team needs to enter their first and last name at the top of the test, before they take the test. Once each video has been watched and tests submitted three times, your points will be awarded to your account automatically.


Bronze: 750 Points (250 ea.); Silver: 1,500 Points (500 ea.); Gold: 3,800 Points (1,266 ea.)

Watch the Video. Take Tests

2. Schedule an In-Person Rep Visit

Getting our excellent Rental Partners together with our knowledgeable Bil-Jax Reps is a valuable learning opportunity for everyone. To earn these points, Partners will be responsible for securing and scheduling the meeting with their Rep each year.

Contact My Rep

Upload Your Meeting Photo

Each time you meet with your rep, snap a picture as a memento, and upload it here. You can earn the maximum points for your performance tier if you meet and upload your meeting photos four times per year.

Bronze: 1,600 (400 ea.) Points; Silver: 3,200 (800 ea.) Points; Gold: 6,000 Points (1,500 ea.)

Marketing Rewards

Feature BIL-JAX In-Store and In-Market

REWARDS points can be earned by promoting the Bil-Jax brand in your place of business. You can place available Bil-Jax displays and signage in your location.

There are two opportunities to earn points:

1. Upload Your Pro-Jax Unit Photo

You may already have a Pro-Jax Tower display in your store. Snap a picture, upload it here, and earn your points.


Bronze: 750 Points; Silver: 2,000 Points

2. Upload Your Bil-Jax Banner Photo

Bil-Jax interior/exterior brand banners are new for 2021. Check them out in the BIL-JAX REWARDS store. Use your points and order one. Display it proudly somewhere in your store, take a picture, and upload it here!


Bronze: 1,250 Points; Silver: 1,250 Points; Gold: 1,250 Points

Buy Your BIL-JAX Banner
Truckload Rewards

Order a Truckload. Earn Points.

If you are ordering Bil-Jax products in 2021, it makes more sense than ever to order by the truckload. Not only will you get some better financial incentives by ordering in a truckload quantity, you'll earn some significant Rewards points. Below are the qualifying dollar amounts:
Bronze - Quarter Truck Load = $6,250
Silver - Half Truck Load = $12,500
Gold - Full Truck Load = $25,000


Bronze: 6,000 Points; Silver: 5,000 Points; Gold: 4,000 Points

Ask About Truckload Requirements
103% Rewards

Spend 3% More than Your Base and We'll Add 3% to Your Discount Tier

Spend just 3% more than your base (sales need to be greater than $5,000) with Bil-Jax and you will earn a 3% discount on subsequent orders for the remainder of on top of your current discount tier! So if you are a Bronze Tier Rental Partner, you'll enjoy a 33% discount; Silver Partners earn 38%, and Gold Partners earn 43%! See your home page dashboard to see where you stand, and when you will start saving an additional 3% on your Bil-Jax purchases.

20% Rewards

Spend 20% More than Your Base. Score More Points.

If you exceed your base (sales need to be greater than $5,000) Bil-Jax purchase volume at anytime during 2021, you could score some of the most generous points in the Bil-Jax Rewards program!


Bronze: 3,000 Points; Silver: 6,000 Points; Gold: 10,000 Points

Next Tier Rewards

Move Up To Silver or Gold. Score Even More Points!

If you are currently a Bronze or Silver Rental Partner, and your purchase levels surpass the purchase requirements of Silver or Gold by the third quarter of 2021, we’ll reward you with some additional points. Plus, elevate you to the next level discount tier beginning in 2022. A Silver Rental Partner's annual investment tier begins at just $10,000. A Gold Rental Partner's annual investment tier begins at $45,000.


Bronze: 2,000 Points; Silver: 5,000 Points

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